Pilote - Gabriele Tarquini

Gabriele Tarquini
Gabriele Tarquini


  • Voiture :
  • Equipe :
  • Date de naissance : 02/03/1962
  • Lieu de naissance : Giulianova Lido

Ex-Formula One driver with 37 grand prix starts to his name, Tarquini has been a touring car titan for more than two decades. Despite turning 54 on the eve of the 2016 season, he’s still going strong to the extent LADA chose him to lead its factory team following his release by Honda at the end of 2015. Tarquini’s touring car highs include winning the British title for Alfa Romeo in 1994, taking the European crown for the make in 2003 and adding the world championship driving for SEAT in 2009. Technical prowess and no-nonsense driving style are key attributes.