WTCC Trophy

WTCC TrophyThe WTCC Trophy is the FIA World Touring Car Championship’s category for privateer racers and continues to go from strength to strength with independent drivers taking on and beating their factory counterparts, despite running on a smaller budget.

To be eligible for the WTCC Trophy, drivers must race without direct financial backing from a manufacturer. And while they won’t have access to the same funding as their factory-run rivals, the WTCC Trophy contenders effectively compete on a level playing field with the same sporting and technical regulations covering both categories.

As well as the honour of helping their driver to the prestigious WTCC Trophy, teams will receive a share of a 600,000 euros support fund. A promotional package includes coverage on, dedicated airtime in WTCC coverage produced by promoter Eurosport Events, plus the opportunity to participate in various promotional activities and initiatives.

WTCC Trophy points are awarded to the first eight drivers classified in each race on the following scale: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. One point is awarded to the highest-placed WTCC Trophy competitor in qualifying and for the fastest lap in each race.

The top three WTCC Trophy finishers in each race will be presented on the podium with the category winner of each race attending the post-race press conference.

Private entrants will also be recognised through the WTCC Teams’ Trophy for non-factory outfits with the first two cars from each eligible team scoring points in each race on the following scale: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

WTCC Trophy winners
2016: Mehdi Bennani (Morocco)
2015: Norbert Michelisz (Hungary)
2014: Franz Engstler (Germany)
2013: James Nash (Great Britain)
2012: Norbert Michelisz (Hungary)
2011: Kristian Poulsen (Denmark)
2010: Sergio Hernández (Spain)
2009: Tom Coronel (Netherlands)
2008: Sergio Hernández (Spain)
2007: Stefano D’Aste (Italy)
2006: Tom Coronel (Netherlands)
2005: Marc Hennerici (Germany)